Wolfgang Dudler

a new car for the narrow gauge roster


  to  Westport Terminal RR 

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I've made from 160 g/qm paper the roof overlay. But at first I've glued the roof former in place.


Here's the caboose with the cross supports glued in place. And I've added window frames, glazings, sills for the end windows. Suddenly I found the missing roof overlay. It's the thin sheet wood which contains the window sills in the space for the copula. Too late! Those tiny laser cut parts are roofwalk supports and window sun shades.


I've marked the centerline on the roof and glued the roofwalk supports and roofwalk.


Adding the sun shades was next step. You see I've closed one window following a prototype picture.


Now to the details. I've bent the grab irons following the instruction sheet with the template. I've drilled 0,4mm holes into the car body for the grabs. I've drilled 1mm holes into the end beams for the NBWs and end railings. All these parts are glued with CA.


And now I have the usual problem with the trucks. How to attach the trucks????


I have to mill the area where the wheels touch the frame. This you do better at the first step instead of the last step.

The coupler has their place, to adjust the height I've used at first washers.


And the ready built caboose, together with a "pattern". The first pictures shows I have to "lift" the body another millimeter.

Here's the "new" bolster.



And just for fun, my two cabeese:


Next step: masking and painting.