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Jan 2011


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In spring 2009 I've built a first H0n3 stub switch. With the new H0n3 FREMO group I saw another chance to build modules and solder trackwork. My first module should have dual gauge track. A wye was just right. But how to make a wye module with minimal segment connections? After some drawings I found an answer:

Silver Creek

But Silver Creek was not long alone. I've built a few cars from kits. And I've got the first narrow gauge engine, GE 50-ton SP #1. My narrow gauge roster was growing.

I decided to build a fiddle yard, Fiddletown. There were not too many staging yards at the new FREMO USA Narrow Gauge Division.

9479 8958-63

The lack of simple line modules was evident. So I've built a few more narrow gauge modules.

And I've got another idea. I wanted to build an old town


When my son Benjamin moved out there was another room in the basement. My wife told me, better a railroad than another storeroom. I took this chance. Soon I had filled the room with modules, in the drawing.


The first corner module is built. Now I'm working with the second, the tunnel module. Here's my HowTo.

Now, Jan 22, 2011 the first modules have found a new place. More and better picture will follow.


Today, Jan 23 I did run the first train from the left tunnel through Salina to the right curve. Still without Silver Creek and Fiddletown. Fiddletown will be next work.

1818 1819



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