Sep 25, 2004

RS-1 WT 350

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Model made by Atlas, prototype built 12/01/1954 and painted Maroon / Gold Pine Tree, this engine got the Red / White paint sheme in September 1970. May 1975 it was sold (Sold to Hyman-Michaels Co. Resold to Maryland & Delaware Railroad, renumbered 21. Then sold to the Morristown and Erie RR in New Jersey from the Pook Valley, somebody's 1:1 "pet" railroad in NJ. It was their number 21.) to Westport Terminal RR.

And I had the idea that this engine was used by Soo Line. The engine should be scraped. But Westport Terminal RR needed a switcher. So they bought this engine and painted only the name.

This engine must get an ESU sound decoder. new engine
print board
For better sound I made a real exhaust!
be carefully
very carefullybut not enough
The ESU sound decoder found it's place where the old printed board was.
with ESU decoder
Glued with epoxy on the motor.
glued with two part epoxy
The LED needed some work. It has to shortend.
the exhaust
The twin speaker next to the shortend LED.
with twin speaker
Ready to shut!
before closing


Now, this engine earns it's money again. Someday it will get a new paint coat. (I guess: never!)

long hood
short hood
long roof
short roof

Busy with switching, sometimes working a turn, just: good for all duties.

other cars
at the pier
the next cut
apron view

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