April 08

How To "moveable switch stands"

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The "new" Peco code 83 #6 with Details West SS-914 switch stand:

There're more pictures at my album in Railimages or at my German site, the pictures will tell you. Or my old version

Also an article in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

At first, the turnout get longer ties:    
This is a Peco code 75 turnout.

Following the instructions I drilled the hole with 0,6 mm. At the bottom of the switch stand, there's a mark.


Die Stange

The next step is soldering a tiny sheet of brass to one end of the Brass Rod.

mit Blech

And then color ...

Here's the switch stand and the brass rod. At the first step I use a piece of paper instead target. I glue a 0,3mm steel wire into a hole in the throw bar. The other end of the wire goes into a hole in the tiny brass sheet.

The steel wire glued into throw bar.


Half of the success is the correct placement of the switch stand. The actuator should move about 90 degree. You have to drill after painting therefore the second hole - with a short distance!

switch stand graphic

The throw bar moves the steel wire. The steel wire should move the "crank" about 90 degree. You place the switch stand without target over the free end of the steel wire.

The vertical free end of the steel wire must be short enough to move under the switch stand base. The length depends on you head tie thickness.



Switch stand still without target.


If everything works correct, I glue the target to the brass rod.



17 MB high quality video or

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