June 2006

Third Street Industrial District

The article by Bill Baumann in Model Railroader Nov. 85 gave me the idea.

This layout was built for FREMO meetings, so it got FREMO profile ends. In the article it would be 2' x 10' (610mm x 3048mm) big, I made it wider and longer. So I got a grade of nearly 5% and 2.7'' (6,9 cm) difference between track to Medusa Cement at Commerce Street and mainline over the bridge.
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article picture

This way looked the picture in Bill Baumann's article and captivated me. And so began the
Westport Terminal RR story.

Often there's switcher "Henry" busy.
switching under the bridge
Even a steamer you can spot sometimes, when you're lucky. So you will almost always see any railroad fan taking pictures. steam

It's a busy industrial district. There's the freight house and team track and a little engine facility.


freight house dockspotting a carwoirkinglooking at freight houserampbird's vievfacilitypushing a carshower car

You see in the last picture even a special shower car was there! A strange visit from HME.



King & Sons Coal Co.

coal co.coalKing & Sons

Downtown industries like Medusa Cement, Warehouse, Flour Mill and Central Gas

Medusa CementwarehouseFlour MillCentral Gas


At Allouez Avenue there's the dairy:

Dairyfarm hill dairydairy loading dock

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