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Pictures part 4

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Now, I've wired my Keystone GE 44-ton switcher for DCC. This little engine has got a can motor. I wanted a working beacon light, too. Therefore I choosed a Lenz decoder I had left over. I had to sand this decoder a little bit smaller so it fits on top of the can motor. I made two white 3mm-LED shorter, cut the legs and installed them. I used wire from old relays for the lead.to the decoder. The resistors found their place under the roof (for the beacon light) and at the cab side. I used this method installing light to my GP.    WESTPORT TERMINAL RR goes DCC    Any questions?

the most favorite view at Third Street


Here lives pigeons, can you recognize them?


The same spot with another train:


Industry at Harbor District:


A new industry was built at the Plywood District (which is no longer bare plywood). I've built it following an article in MR 3/92, Hansen Storage. The name was a suggestion from my son Benjamin. He his responsible for the advertising of "Richter's Brewery", too.

along the KWIK E MART

open ramp


The left pictures shows: X-mas seasons starts! The first sledges arrived.

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