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Westport Teil 2

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The plan:


The right - east - side

The throat is ready for installing:


And some tracks for the first train! The turnout points are spiked. As with the prototype, when special trains run. First came the vacuum cleaner with some test cars.

genagelte ZungenstaubsaugenTestzug

Then suddenly derailed a train traveling to the left. A quick review revealed the reason. With a guard rails still lacked, so this train had problems. The next step was from the opposite direction, that is not a problem. And then, the guard rails are soldered.

WT traincommuter

A crossing had to be build:

crossing 1crossing 2crossing 3

And so are some tracks! Now, again turnouts can be supplied.

Gleisegrain tracks

For two Arrival - Departure tracks, I have a moveable magnet installed. Those two tracks have a connection, so that the train can be easily separated. The magnet, as shown in the right picture to be seen, is moved with a rod.

Schiebemagnetverdecktvon unten

Similarly, I "had" to scratch build another turnout. This time a "dummy" without function. The points are soldered on! I have the template of Fast Tracks used because the ties were already included. Also, I have wooden sleepers and few PC-Board ties used.
With Peco turnouts I've made a sure electric contact as usual and you see here.

Fast Tracks


As of Sept. 10, 2006, Benjamin has started with the tower panel. (According to the prototype are only those turnouts with remote control, the yard master switches for trains, all other turnouts are manually thrown. manually thrown turnouts in the use of trains are shown with LEDs in the panel!):


And now comes the operation of the turnuts and wiring. For the Tortoise an idea was needed. The normal version requires installation of approximately 8 cm space. I had just 5.5 cm! The solution was the horizontal mounting.

noch leerTortoiseStellstange

After the wiring is the operational test. But "cold" has been everything worked.

VerdrahtungDas Einfahr-modul
And a close up:
horizontaler Einbau

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