June 5, 2008


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It's in the morning, about 6am. At the left is A/D track 1 with cars for International Falls. A/D track 2 is empty and at A/D track 3 you see the yard goat has just coupled the caboose to the string of cars. This train will become the Harbor Turn. The first 6 cars are bound for Third Street Industrial District and the other block with 4 cars is for Harbor District. 4306
Here the train, Extra 512 east, departs with 10 cars. The cars came from the two class tracks to the right. 4307
The yard switcher has made up another train, Plywood local. Here the train is ready and departs as Extra 8 west with Alco RSD-5 WT 8 and 7 cars. You see the empty class track. 4308

A through arrives, #111 from International Falls. This train terminates at Westport. The yardmaster led it to A/D track 2.

You see at A/D track 3 a consist with 4 cars. This is the first part of #110 with two GP 35's WT 1024 and FBL 2525.

The engines have backed into A/D track 1 and coupled to the train. 4311

# 110 with two engines and 27 cars ready for the journey to International Falls.

The yard switcher will now classify the cars from #111.


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© Wolfgang Dudler